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Skyline Apartments

Skyline Apartments are located in the heart of Leeds city centre; adjacent to the West Yorkshire Playhouse. This contemporary mixed-use development provides 128 luxury apartments in a 16-storey block built in front of and over the existing Playhouse workshops. The project also includes A3 café/bar facilities to the ground floor and additional facilities for the West Yorkshire Playhouse. The 16-storey tower, with its acute-angled plan and projecting balconies, provides a key landmark feature from the northern approach into the city centre via Regent Street, and also from the city centre to the east towards Quarry Hill. Adjoining the tower and facing the bus station, the building steps down to 8 storeys; the curved brick façade providing a visual link to the adjacent BBC studios and St Peters House. The use of sensitive massing, high-quality materials and careful architectural detailing have resulted in this development being hailed as one of the best apartment blocks to be built in Leeds centre.

Project Type Urban
Client Welbeck Land Leeds Ltd.
Location Leeds
Value £13m
Status Completed