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The Gables

The Gables development provides for a range of 97 one and two bedroom houses, to be built in two phases. The site forms the residential element of the Waterdale Civic and Cultural Quarter, a £300m civic regeneration project on the edge of Doncaster town centre. The proposals make use of a cohesive family of house types that have a simple architectural language; one which is a modern interpretation of the traditional terrace seen to the south of the site. It was our intention to rework the terrace house / back to back house type to create something which would fit the needs of the intended demographic. The concept aims to encourage individuals and couples to flourish as characterised by the provision of varying scales of external space. Connected public spaces run through the scheme while private terraces and courtyards step around each home. These terraces offer flexibility and the capacity to expand. The house types are ordered into traditional but splayed street patterns which are oriented in order to allow south light to penetrate into both dwellings and courtyards.

Project Type Private Housing
Client Muse Developments
Location Doncaster
Value £7.5m
Status Completed