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Primrose Gardens

Delivered for Chorley Council this is first affordable extra care scheme in Chorley- delivering high quality affordable housing for older people. Integrating a publicly accessible, performance-grade dancehall, café and beauty salon amid accessible landscaped gardens. The development is designed to meet HAPPI principles as well as Joseph Rowntree Lifetime Homes standards throughout.

The development is of such a scale so as to contribute to the regeneration of a part of the town that was beginning to show signs of neglect through underuse. This is an important factor often overlooked by those looking to develop extra care/ retirement living schemes: the inherent economies of scale create 'activity nodes' within the community that require servicing. Chorley's masterstroke has been to place this at the edge of the town centre, creating a symbiotic relationship between the elderly - often marginalised by the location of extra care schemes - and the need to invigorate our flagging town centres. Primrose Gardens offers a model and a solution to both these issues in one intervention.

Project Type Older Persons
Client Chorley Council
Location Chorley
Value £10m
Status Completed