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Oakdale Drive

Oakdale Drive is a residential development which is situated at the southern fringe of the Ravenscliffe Estate in Eccleshill, Bradford.

The scheme consists of 25 houses; 2 pairs of semi-detached houses and a short terrace block. There are also 10no. semi-detached split-level dwellings that make the most of the topography of the site with two stories at the entrance level and three stories high to the rear. These dwellings are of traditional form but with the introduction of more contemporary detailing such as recessed gutter margins, and rectangular box canopies.

Varying brick colours and textures helps to define areas within the site, yet the form and detailing tie the development together enhancing the area’s character. This scheme achieves a combination of Code for Sustainable Homes Levels 3.

Project Type Affordable Housing
Client Yorkshire Housing
Location Bradford
Value £2.6m
Status Completed