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Marlborough Crescent

These two housing sites were developed at planning stage by Doncaster City Council for delivering much-needed council housing. Brewster Bye Architects were responsible for providing post contract design. Production information services ensured the schemes were delivered to the high standard set out in the architectural vision for the Housing by DCC.

Full height windows were used extensively to both sites; ensuring maximum daylight into rooms. The introduction of a solar tube offers more light to the landing areas. Recessed porches were used to give interest to the elevation, and well designed bin-stores ensure the frontage is bin-free. This contributes to the well thought out external spaces.

The elevational style is contemporary and the use of cladding, facing brickwork, feature detailed windows and coloured windows adds to the feeling of a high quality development.

Project Type Affordable Housing
Client Keepmoat and Doncaster CC
Location Doncaster
Value £2.6m
Status Completed