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Harborough Avenue

The proposal was to create a 21 No. dwelling residential development, with associated private gardens and access parking. All units are affordable dwellings and for social rent by Pennine Housing 2000. The housing mix consists of; 8No 3B5P (3 Bedroom, 5 Person) split-level houses along Harborough Avenue, 2No. 3B5P houses, 9No. 2B4P houses and 2No 2B3P accessible wheelchair compliant bungalows.

The layout has been dictated by the site topography. The site slopes southeast-northwest by around 6.5m and retains much of the made-ground profile from the previous uses. This is a prominent corner site that establishes defined frontages onto Harborough Avenue and Raynald Road. Accessible bungalows and a short terrace of LTH-compliant houses occupy a shared-surface court in the middle of the site which is accessed off Harborough Avenue and landscaped to soften its edges.

The external walls are of red-brick, with detail panels in render and tilebrick to describe entrances and break-up the elevations. Materials are chosen to compliment the surrounding area whilst offering a contemporary variation on the two-storey house.

Project Type Affordable Housing
Client Pennine Housing 2000
Location Manor Park, Sheffield
Value £2.2m
Status Completed