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Holywell Inn

As part of our Social Responsibility strategy, Brewster Bye have been providing support on a pro-bono basis to Holywell Inn Action Group. HAIG are a community group in Holywell near Halifax, who are fighting to save their local pub from closure.

The group have been successful in having the building declared an “Asset of Community Value” under the government’s Big Society policy. Their aim is to run the pub as a Community Pub; owned and operated by a trust. Working closely with the HAIG steering group, we prepared designs for renovation and extension of the building including 3D CAD visuals illustrating the proposed scheme.

Our proposals have been presented at a number of Community Consultation and fundraising events in the village. Furthermore, they are used to support grant applications and in are discussions with Government and Planning Authority.

Project Type Hotel/Leisure Community & Enterprise
Client Pro-Help
Location Halifax
Value £500,000
Status Design Stage