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St Osyth's Priory

St Osyth’s is a new residential development to be built in Essex. The masterplan is designed to sit respectively adjacent to an ancient priory and its exclusive grounds. Brewster Bye Architects were employed to develop the strategy and design of the masterplan and supporting information for a full planning application. A narrative for the proposals was developed to describe a historical evolution of a small village and its expansion. Each house type and street scene was examined individually, and with the use of CAD modelling and hand drawn sketches it evolved into a unique and attractive community. The full application was finally submitted in three phases; each describing the expansion of the original village into a large residential development. The long distance views of the Priory and local vernacular architecture were essential to the success of the project.

Project Type Masterplanning
Client City and Country Residential Ltd.
Location St Osyth, Clacton-On-Sea
Value £46.0m
Status Design Stage