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Lakeside 13-14

The proposed scheme is located on a 5.578 hectare former airfield situated approximately 2km to the south east of the city centre. This is now one of the largest regeneration areas of Doncaster. Situated between the Racecourse and White Rose Way is a large man-made lake which acts as a focus around which are a mix of uses.

The proposal is to create a residential development comprising a total of 147 residential dwellings, each with associated gardens and access parking. This includes a mixture of short terrace blocks, semi-detached and detached houses and provides a mix of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes. The houses have been designed to be reflective of the local context in scale, architectural treatment and building materials. Each house is designed to fit within an overall composition and contributes to the sense of place. The intention is that some houses are intended to form a background to those houses which are feature properties and act as either gateways or form a prominent frontage. Careful consideration has been given to boundary treatments and fenestration of end gables to provide interesting frontages to all roadways and natural surveillance of public areas. Whilst the majority of properties will be two storey we have introduced 2.5 / 3 storey properties in prominent locations such as fronting the lake and on the corner of the site adjacent to the roundabout on Lakeside Boulevard.
Project Type Masterplanning
Client Muse Developments
Location Doncaster
Value £16.0m
Status Planning