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Eastbrook Hall

With its striking façade and principal position on Leeds Road, Eastbrook Hall was known as the Methodist Cathedral of the North when it opened in 1904. Despite being empty since the 1980's and suffering a major fire in 1996 leaving it derelict and roofless, Eastbrook Hall is one of the largest and most important buildings in the 20-acre Little Germany Conservation Area. Due to this, the hall has retained a strong presence and is one of the best loved landmarks in Bradford. With the interior burnt out and beyond repair, an innovative scheme was developed which included the restoration of the principal façades and the careful dismantling and rebuilding of the cupola. The redevelopment included 73 apartments arranged around a central courtyard with parking at the lower level, and retail and commercial space opening onto Leeds Road. The project was financed through an innovative public private sector funding agreement, under which English Partnerships, Bradford Centre Regeneration, Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Yorkshire Forward and Regen 2000 have helped to finance the scheme. The Eastbrook Hall development was also supported by The Prince's Regeneration Trust which has been closely involved since the projects conception.

Project Type Conservation
Client Aldersgate Estates
Location Bradford
Value £8.0m
Status Completed