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Theatre Royal Council Offices

The site for these offices is centrally located within the Halifax town centre conservation area. The building has been awarded grade 2 Listed Building status, though predominantly for the façade. The proposed office development would provide a positive new lease of life for part of Halifax’s early 20th Century heritage and would be a positive addition to the town.

As with any town centre development, the new offices will have a suitably urban adjacent environment. However, the location of the site, as well as the Council’s operational requirements allows the opportunity to create a new public open space. This will be to the south of the building and will link in with the Westgate covered shopping area. This new plaza will increase the extent of high quality public space provided within the town centre in a cohesive manner, and will develop an already popular pedestrian route from parking to shopping areas.

Project Type Workplace
Client Halifax Council
Location Halifax
Value £12.0m
Status Design Stage