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Golf Club Lodges

The Eco-Lodges at Wike Golf Club are intended to provide accommodation for golfers who wish to visit the club on golf breaks. The key design concept was to create a development which:

- Nestles into its environment with a scale and density which matches the surrounding topography.

- Provides a natural setting for golf guests to relax in.

- Provides a lake and an extensive landscape / planting scheme to increase biodiversity.

The proposed lodge development consists of two areas which have distinctly different characters. A new lake is proposed to the north of the site which will have 28 lodges surrounding it. The southern part of the site contains an existing former quarry so has more undulating topography. The 11 lodges to this area are built into the slope and have a woodland character.

Project Type Hotel/Leisure
Client Park Lane Properties
Location Leeds
Value £
Status Planning