13th May 2013

Refurbishment of Hanover House Completed


The brief for this scheme was to modernise the dated wrought iron railings to the rear, improve security and offer a new entrance as a focal point for residents and visitors.

A new entrance has been installed to create a focal point for the building, incorporating a wraparound sign to spark interest whilst using the space available to create a safe and accessible and stylistic entrance for residents and visitors.

The existing wrought iron railings and infill panels have been replaced with new artstone coping stones, powder coated handrails and glass panels to improve the aesthetics to the rear of the property, whilst retaining safety for the residents and visitors.

With the property previously winning Saltburn in bloom we were asked to develop new raised planting beds. Working with the residents, we designed easily accessible zones, helping improve the kerb appeal of the building and hopefully aiding another Saltburn in bloom win.