7th May 2015

Planning Permission Granted for Affordable Rental Development in Wigan


Planning permission has been granted for No16 affordable rental homes (6 x 2 bed flats, 2 x 3 bed houses, 8 x 2 bed houses), for Adactus Housing, which will be built by Tyson Construction.

Located on a vacant, former allotment site in Hindley near Wigan, with Borsdane Brook running along bottom of the steeply sloping site, the area has been in long need of redevelopment in order to provide the local area with affordable housing.

An arrangement of simple domestic forms are proposed to give visual interest and to reflect the scale and proportion of the local vernacular forms of older properties in the area with modest eaves and ridge heights. All dwellings utilise the traditional domestic forms of gables and pitched roof which follows the established street scenes to neighbouring residential blocks.