Daniella Johnson

20th March 2013

Planning Permission for 24 Homes in Driffield


Planning permission has been granted after a planning appeal for a new build residential development comprising 24 dwellings for our client Chevin Housing. The site is located in Driffield, in the East Ridings of Yorkshire and lies within an area of undeveloped land used for agricultural use at the eastern end of Northfield Avenue.

The houses form semi-detached and terrace blocks including a single secure alley allowing private access to the rear garden spaces to the mid-terrace dwellings. A block of 4 no. apartments with individual private gardens is located towards the eastern edge of the site. A new north-south adopted road with shared surfaces will be formed connecting the development to Northfield Avenue. All dwellings are intended to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes level 3 and Secure by Design.

The density of the layout is in keeping with the existing urban grain and sits comfortably within the surrounding area by utilising semi-detached houses and short terraces. The external walls are a mixture of red brick to reflect the existing houses and a darker red brick to specific gables and recesses while elegantly detailed protruding bay windows offer a unique variation to the traditional street scenes. The proposed layout allows for adequate amenity distances between proposed dwellings whilst satisfying adequate distances in terms of proximity to existing neighbouring dwellings. Each dwelling offers private front and with generously sized private rear gardens.