Tom Bowness

2nd September 2013

Planning Approval for Residential Development in Bradford


Planning approval has been granted for the residential development for Firebird Homes at Henford Drive, Barkerend, Bradford.

Comprising of 26 new family houses designed to meet Lifetime Homes and achieve carbon-reduction to Code Level 3. The scheme negotiates a difficult sloping brownfield site criss-crossed with high-capacity service routes and footpaths relating to the sites former use. Split-level housing and terraces respond to the built context of Barkerend, whilst a comprehensive landscaping scheme bursting with fruiting trees will lend the scheme a particular character.

The development will be completed in March 2015 and is the culmination of years of preparation and negotiation with local residents and stakeholders by Firebird Homes. It is hoped to be part of a wider scheme of urban renewal and housing in the area.