27th June 2019

Yorkshire Post - Property Q & A

Adam Hall, Architect

What are the prospects for the property sector in Yorkshire?

Despite the current economic climate and the uncertainty over Brexit, a lot of properties are still being built by developers, which is definitely a good sign for the region. The amount of new development particularly in Leeds in recent times has been vast and seems to be progressing at a good rate. We are constantly being told of the need for new housing to be built too, with the development of infrastructure and amenities being provided alongside it.

What is your favourite building in the region and why?

Victoria Gate in Leeds has had a really positive impact on the local area. As well as being a striking and very exciting piece of modern architecture externally, internally I find it a fascinating and intriguing building to walk through. Through careful detailing and the diverse material palette, the building really responds to its surrounding area, much of which is historic and part of Leeds’ architectural heritage.

If you could change one thing to improve the property industry in this region, what would it be?

The planning system as it is currently is quite lengthy, both in terms of the application process itself and the subsequent time it takes for information to be fed back from planning authorities and decisions to be made. A streamlined planning process from start to finish could potentially save a lot of time.

What is the best project you have been involved in?

It is one of the first projects I worked on at Brewster Bye Architects, a small residential scheme of 13 properties in Byram, Knottingley. The scheme of two, three and four bedroom properties created a great development within the dense local residential area. Taking the project through a lengthened planning process and through to construction, it gave me the taste for designing and progressing a housing scheme. It is great to develop a project across the work stages, and it is always rewarding visiting the project when it has been completed.

Who do you most admire in property in Yorkshire?

Companies like Citu who are striving to provide developments promoting sustainable urban living within a city centre environment such as the proposed development in Leeds. The creation of modern family homes and communities within the city centre context can only be of benefit to the ongoing regeneration of the area.