Nathan Wilkinson

22nd September 2016

My Yorkshire

Where do you live/where are you from?

I was born in Harrogate and after five years in Cardiff at University and ten years working in London, I moved back to Yorkshire with my family in 2007 when I joined Brewster Bye Architects.

What is your favourite place to visit in Yorkshire and why?

Bolton Abbey will always be special to me, as my wife and I were married there in 2012, and we often take the kids and our dog Elvis for walks there.

What is still on your “to do” list in the region?

I have not managed to visit the Hepworth Gallery yet. I admire the architect David Chipperfield greatly and have ironically, given the distance, recently been to his Turner Gallery in Margate, but not the one right on my doorstep!

What is the most memorable meal you’ve ever had in Yorkshire?

Our wedding dinner at The Devonshire Arms in Bolton Abbey. What more could you ask for, fantastic food, great wine, surrounded by family and friends.

What is your most Yorkshire trait?

I am not sure there are many other places in the country with such a strong identity and it’s easy to slip into clichéd characteristics, but people who know me will probably say I am stubborn and straight talking. However, I like to think that my most Yorkshire trait is that I believe strongly in fairness.

Favourite piece of trivia about the region.

If Yorkshire were an independent country it would’ve finished twelfth on the league table in the 2012 Olympics.

What is your favourite cultural icon to come out of Yorkshire?

David Hockney, simply one of the most consistently influential artists of the last century.

First experience of Yorkshire (for non-Yorkshire folk)


Worst experience or thing about Yorkshire?

“Last of the Summer Wine” – I hated that programme, it was always on a Sunday night, it wasn’t funny and it meant school the next day.

What is one thing you’d steal from Lancashire (or other UK regions) if you could?

My wife is from Bolton, does that count?!

What is the most overrated thing about Yorkshire?

I don’t think there is anything overrated about Yorkshire. I do however think that whilst we are very good at promoting and celebrating our landscape and heritage, our regions Cities could learn a bit from Manchester perhaps in terms of how they promote themselves, their business and their cultural offerings.