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Regent Terrace

The current hostel at Regent Terrace in Hyde Park, Leeds houses ten residents who have a background of continuing alcohol dependency. However, increasing liability for repair bills associated with an ageing building are affecting the existing building's viability as a hostel and its ability to continue the provision of an optimum service.

The proposal is to replace the existing building with a new, purpose-built residential centre with day centre provision. This will offer much improved accommodation and en suite facilities for up to 21 residents. It will also be able to provide the appropriate facilities to optimise prospects for residents to develop enough self-confidence and basic skills to move on from Regent Terrace to other hostels such as Faith Lodge (a project for residents who have given up alcohol) and then embark on a structured programme which will eventually lead to independent living.
Project Type Supported
Client St George's Crypt
Location Hyde Park, Leeds
Value £1.1m
Status Planning