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Pack of Cards

14No flats for affordable rent for City of York Council on the site of the former ‘Pack of Cards’ in Acomb, York. All flats are designed to meet or exceed HQI core standards and Joseph Rowntree Lifetime Homes criteria.

The context within this particular area of York is predominantly mid-20th century residential. This consists of mostly low-mid density early 1960’s municipal houses, bungalows and flats rendered in a buff brick. The building is part 2-storey and part 3-storey in relation to this context.

The overall scheme is designed to be contextual, yet identifiable as a new, coherent development in its own right. The layout of the building conforms to an L-shaped footprint, which addresses the street frontage of this corner site and allows for space for car parking and soft landscaping at the rear. Scale and massing are similar to surrounding houses which, along with the restrained palate of materials, serves to unify the development with its context.

The building’s form is enlivened by bay windows arranged eccentrically to the main plan. These break up the mass of the building and introduce a new geometry to the streetscape. The primary construction material is a buff concrete brick in keeping with its surroundings. This is used in a variety of bonds including honeycomb and English garden wall. Pronounced headers help to enliven the elevations and give the building surfaces textural variety and play of light.

Project Type Affordable Housing
Client RHW Developments/ City of York Council
Location Acomb, York
Value £1.6m
Status Completed